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About four years ago I first started to subtitle Elisabeth. It was about a week before my birthday and, having discovered the magic of this musical I decided I wanted to share it with my friends who were coming round to celebrate my birthday (although, of course, it wasn’t finished in time). Thus I decided to use a dictionary to translate my favourite musical. 
As you may well know, I had never intended to upload ‘Elisabeth’ onto youtube but in early 2010 my computer got a virus and, so that I didn’t loose my work completely with the death of the computer, I uploaded them onto youtube. The response was instant and more positive than I could have believed. I decided to continue to upload the videos, as I made them.
Suddenly the project of a fourteen year old became something bigger and had more influence on my life than I could ever have imagined.
In the end, my friends never watched ‘Elisabeth’ with me, but people from all around the globe have shared it with me. I have had some amazing conversations with people because of Elisabeth, met some amazing people and, most importantly, I met three of my closest friends (Helena, Aleks, and Natascha) as a direct result of the show. 
Not only this, but I realised something… languages weren’t that inaccessible to me. Sure, I struggled with French like mad but German, well I was learning that by accident. Because of the translating I became more confident and continued my French studies, picked up Japanese, and will be studying German and Hungarian at university next year.
But why am I writing this now?
Today, almost exactly four years after I subtitled my first video, my youtube channel hit 1000 subscribers.
So this is a thank you blog, really. If you are reading this then it’s probably because you’ve been looking at my subtitles in some form, at some point over the years. Your messages, your views, everything, has encouraged me in so many ways. Yes, every creative member of ‘Elisabeth’, ‘Rebecca’, and ‘Marie Antoinette’ has had an influence too but it’s been you, the people who have supported me, who have changed my life and for that I thank you.


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