And that was my weekend!

The weekend was absolutely wonderful. I saw the amazing Rapalje, for a full review click here, and then it was off to Cardiff to see the best friend Aimee.
Arriving in her flat at about five on the Saturday I wasn’t overly shocked to see that it was about as much of a mess as her bedroom at home and couldn’t help but grab the broom. In short, it took us about two seconds to fall back into our respective roles. Of course, we couldn’t fall back into our roles without me cooking dinner although it seems that Aimee has suddenly learned to cook now she’s alone (I think she’s always feigned incompetence).
Spinach pie looked quite good.
Proof Aimee ate it of her own free will, just in case she dies 😛
Sadly, I struggle with simple kitchen tasks like making ‘tea’
Of course, it being a Saturday night the majority of people in the university halls hit the town. Aimee and I, not to be outdone, decided to stay up late watching Disney’s Swan Princess. It’s lucky we did because one of her room-mates came back drunk, and noisy, and scattered Aimee’s freezer tray around the flat. Sadly, we only realized this after the sausages that had been placed in the shower had defrosted.
If you understand this picture then you know Disney
too well. If not… watch the film 😛
Sunday was the day we had both waited for, however, and it came round pretty quick. The morning was spent meeting up with Gareth, a friend of mine who I met several years ago through the THUKST. Eventually, I managed to convince Aimee to come on down and queue for HIM (where we met up with Kim again!)
The HIM gig was surreal as anything. I’ve already written about the band and my history with them but nothing can really prepare you for seeing one of your ‘childhood bands’ on stage. I’m still not quite sure it happened!
I must say that I did rather like the tech at the venue although it was suggested that the dry icey smokiness was the cause of my chest and throat hurting during the gig. It was a great all round experience.
The crowd weren’t as raucous as I had expected, and Gas, the band’s drummer, commented on how quiet they were. I can’t say that I mind a quieter crowd. Actually, talking about that, there was a group of people behind me who were talking about us wearing earplugs and how we shouldn’t be at the front with earplugs, daring each other to take them out so we’d have to go to the back. If this group happen to read this then please know that earplugs are good to protect your ears, the musicians wear them, good quality earplugs improve sound quality, oh and I could hear every word you were saying! I also have a spare pair on me at all times due to tinnitus! Well, that turned into a mini rant!
Aimee looking stunning after the show
I look about how I felt. Very happy but in pain
and about ready to collapse!
Tea and cake; There’s no better way to recover from a gig.
The morning after was spent feeling grim (I’ve since come down with a mild flu-type thing) and meeting up with Kieran! It was great to see him again and we had a lovely meal in a place called Ruby Tuesday. The strawberry lemonade was heaven! Next time we meet up I’ll hopefully be able to talk a bit more 😉
A sad farewell to Aimee, and a long journey home later I collapse with flu and then eventually recover enough to write all this up.
So, that was my wonderful weekend. I won’t thank everyone here but I must thank Rapalje for the best show ever (and for being lovely), HIM for existing and playing so many songs from my childhood, Aimee for being my best friend, and her flatmates for not only putting up with me but for being both kind and great fun!

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