Seeing one of my favourite bands in one of my favourite places

So, last Friday, as I mentioned, I got to see the most wonderful Rapalje perform their first show in England, namely in Glastonbury. They played two shows, the Friday and the Saturday, but, unfortunately I was only able to attend the Friday night performance. Oh well!
Rapalje are a Dutch folk band playing manly Irish and Scottish songs/tunes while wearing kilts. They’re multi-cultural, shall we say? They’re also incredibly multi-talented with each one of them playing various instruments to exceptional standards while putting on one hell of a show. In case you can’t guess, I really enjoyed the performance. In fact, I would be surprised if I ever didn’t enjoy one of their performances. Although I loved this band for a long time, listening to CDs and watching youtube videos, it wasn’t until I saw them live last year that I truly appreciated their brilliance. 
As my camera wasn’t up to photographing this show (I think the backlighting was confusing for it) there are no photos of the performance here. I spent my time dancing 😉
Sorcha67 has uploaded this video of Heart of Steel (as well as Under the Scotsman’s Kilt which was performed on the Saturday) so we’ll just use them instead of photos hehe
I don’t really know what to write about the performance. It was brilliant, as always. I was really happy to hear most of my favourite songs played including “Wat zullen we drinken”, which I didn’t expect because of the language barrier. I’ll be honest that I missed a few songs that weren’t played but I’m guessing that they got a showing on the Saturday and it’s 100% my fault for missing out on that show. It also gives me an excuse to attempt to catch them again later in the year/next year in Europe!
I have to say that David’s low whistle playing with the giggles in the first number was superb! One of the reasons why I should never be allowed to play a wind instrument on stage; I’d fall apart!! I was also happy to see that Dieb seemed to hit another band mate with his bow while playing at one stage… so I’m not the only one who does that!
I also got to meet the band after the show which, as one woman said, “made my night”. Certainly, it was a lovely ending to the evening. The band members were all true gentlemen who were more than willing to chat a bit, sign my painting things, and have photos taken with me. They were absolutely lovely, in short, above and beyond what I expect! Oh, and William and I were staying in the same hotel and after a couple of encounters in the elevator I can say that he has a great sense of humour too!
With Maceál
With David (in a photo that my mother likes to call ‘The Hair Monster’)
With William
With Dieb
They also , very kindly, signed some little painting cards I did but as I’ve not quite finished the paintings this time (the tartan on David’s isn’t painted, the bagpipes aren’t cut out and nor is the fiddle’s head as it would have lost tuning pegs in my handbag) I won’t upload a photo of them this time. Maybe later 🙂
I cannot wait to see Rapalje perform again (and nor can my mother).

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