Making Aimee’s present, the Harry Potter Cake

This blog post is a scheduled post, written during the last week but set to automatically post while I’m at Aimee’s.
So, right now I’m visiting The Annoying One in Cardiff, where she’s just started university (my little girl’s growing up!). Anyway, this visit falls on the Weekend Between Our Birthdays which means it’s a party time. As last year we’re going to go to a gig but, different to last year, we’re also going to have a joint celebration because it was impractical to meet up twice in such quick succession.
So, during the last week I’ve been having fun making Aimee’s birthday presents, a mix CD and a cake. I’ve not made a birthday cake for a couple of years, although I used to make them all the time, so it’s been an interesting time. The easiest part was thinking of a theme, Aimee having just been sorted into Slytherin at her university’s Harry Potter society seemed to decide for me! (*)

Day One, making the decoration

Asda might have the best selection of baking products but
their food colouring lids have serious design flaws.
Finished the main decoration. Yes, this was my
second attempt but I’m pretty pleased 🙂

Day two, making the cake

Is it cheap to make a cake board out of two pizza
board things glued together and covered in foil?
The cake itself is finished and wrapped in clingfilm, ready to
ice tomorrow! (the pizza in the background had to be cooked for
the sake of the board… see previous image!)

Day three, shoving it all together (and remaking the decoration because things never do go to plan)

Buttercream (green of course) and jam in
position, ready to assemble!
The final thing, albeit the colour looks faded in this photo.

(*) Actually, I toyed with the idea of a TARDIS cake for a while but Aimee judged Harry Potter to be more important than Dr. Who so…

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