Nothing like a busy weekend!

Well, this weekend is VERY exciting. So exciting that I just wrote ‘very’ in caps lock as opposed to italics and you know how much I love my italics.
Firstly, on Friday, I am seeing one of my favourite bands in the world, Rapalje. That makes it two of my favourite bands in one month, not bad going right? Having seen Rapalje live for the first time at Castlefest I was getting withdrawal symptoms. I logged onto their facebook to see when their shows were as I had decided to travel and see them on the continent and what did I see but this post, posted about an hour earlier.

Actually, they’re playing two shows but I can only catch one of them. Not complaining though because the weekend’s not over yet!

I’m going straight from Glastonbury to Cardiff to see my best friend (and probably the most annoying person I know!) Aimee for the first time in what seems like forever. I think it’s been two months in reality 😉
As always we’ll celebrate the weekend between our birthdays in style (cake anyone?) and we will also be seeing the band HIM. HIM are a special band for the two of us, and for our friendship because, the first time we went away together, on a history themed holiday with school, we watched two videos in the common room. These videos, and the songs with them, became our holiday’s theme.
Looking back this wasn’t the best song for a WWII trip 
but I’d just bought my first Deathstars CD so… 🙂
To this day the phrase “Your life ain’t worth living”, 
in any context, makes us laugh!
Anyway, I will take my laptop with me because I feel insecure without it (and I like putting my photos off my camera safely!) but whether I’ll log on over the weekend is unsure. There’ll be blogs a plenty when I get back though as I’m sure I’ll have a fair bit of news 😉

Oh, and then it’s my birthday on the 31st so the fun’s not over yet hehe


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