A joyous week

Well, I have to find some way to keep both Teddy and
myself amused when staying in Travelodges, right?
The last week has been simply wonderful. The (undisclosed) family issues are ongoing but the events of the last seven days have managed to prevail and I have had a fantastic time. Happy October is winning 😉
As I wrote a few days ago, I managed to see Reckless Love again last week, which was a wonderful evening but just as importantly, if not more so, I got to meet up with Kim and Ola. Although I had only met them once before (and had only briefly met Ola, in reality), it was wonderful to see them again. Kim had been exceptionally kind to Aimee and I last year (I don’t think that she knows how to be anything but kind!) and both she and Ola are great fun so that was a great start to my ‘social week’.
However, it remained special as I met Pam, a Thai penpal of mine, who is now living and studying in Exeter. Friday was the first time for us to meet face to face and I can only say that I am so pleased that I have met her. She is sweet and lovely, although of course I already knew that! I was also really pleased that she is settling into life in Exeter, and in England generally. Can’t wait to see her again!
Pam and I by Exeter Cathedral. Taken on
her phone by some other girls. 🙂
And then, here’s the bonus, my mother decided to book an extra night in Exeter, Lloyd phoned me randomly and we arranged a brief meet up too as he just so happened to be back from university. What a case of right place right time! He also introduced me to Nandos and I can say that it gets my seal of approval.
I’m now back in Birmingham, for a while, and attempting to get some paintings done ready to sell. Problem is that I keep getting distracted and painting things for myself (i.e. scrapbooking). The light in the Travelodge room is too bad to paint now so I have an excuse to be blogging 😉
Until later!

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