The wonderful night that was a Reckless Love gig!

Just under a year ago I managed to catch one of my favourite bands, Reckless Love, at the Cavern, Exeter. This was one of the best live performances I have seen and, even if I hadn’t have loved the band beforehand I would have undoubtedly come away with a new addiction! Wednesday 9th, I managed to see them again, this time at The Fleece, Bristol and, to be fair, I think they outdid themselves.

In the queue with Ola, photo taken by Kim on Ola’s phone

I went with Kim, a lovely person who I had met at the last Reckless Love show and had spoken with since, and with Ola who I also met briefly last time. It was wonderful to have such great company in the queue, at the show, and afterwards too.

From left to right, Me, Ola, Kim in the venue.
Taken by Kim on her camera
But now onto the show itself…
There were two warm up acts. The first of which, BlackWolf, was a local band that I’d heard good things about but hadn’t listened to in advance. I’ll be brutally honest and say that I didn’t enjoy their set. The sound tech was atrocious, and they knew it as they asked for it to be adjusted during the set, and I feel this really let them down. The vocals couldn’t be heard at all. It’s really sad when something like this happens as it’s not the band’s fault but it ruins the performance. I also got really paranoid about the vocalist, in particular, who was bouncing and spinning around and the microphone wire was getting tangled and I could just see him about to fall. He never did but I spent the whole time waiting! I feel that I would like to listen to some of their music again just to give them a fair chance.
Oh, their drummer managed to hit both Kim and Ola on the head with one of the drumsticks he threw into the crowd so that’s another negative point 😉
They were followed by Laura Wilde, a female rock and roll musician from Melbourne, Australia, and her band. I had managed to listen to her in advance and, although I hadn’t had time to get to know her music very well I did like what I had heard. Again, she had technical issues on stage but it was slightly better and you could at least hear her over the instruments. She was also a great performer and it felt like you were getting a show as opposed to just listening to some songs. I’ve downloaded her CD from amazon and, if she comes back to England to play, I would try and see her again. Oh, I also spoke to her briefly and she was lovely which matters a lot.
Anyway, onto the main act, Reckless Love. There are photos for this section because I suddenly remembered that I had a camera with me (idiotic Havanah!)
The minute that “The Boys are Back in Town” starts playing over the speakers, the crowd goes wild. We all know that the show is about to begin and, true to form, out walk the band. 

For the next hour and a half, at an estimate, nothing matters but having fun and listening to some great music. The pain from waiting outside in the cold for about four hours and then standing through the earlier acts is gone and it’s suddenly possible to dance. In fact, I don’t know if it would be possible to stay still through their set!

One of the things I love about Reckless Love as musicians is that, when performing live, they sound just as good as on the CDs. I have to be honest and say that this seems to be a rare quality of live bands but I guess that this is a sign of just how long they spent working together before getting signed. They also are really rather good at playing a mixture of songs from their albums, fitting them together and keeping the crowd going from start to finish. My one complaint would be that they didn’t play “One More Time” this show but as one person was rather idiotic and rude, pulling on Olli’s trousers and demanding requesting the song I am kind of pleased he didn’t get what he wanted!
However, it’s not just their skill as musicians that make Reckless Love stand out but the show that they put on. The whole band are completely dynamic when on-stage, including Hessu who could get away with ‘just sitting there’, being at the back of the stage. Of course, it’s Olli who can move the most, having his hands a bit more free than the others, and move he does. Not content with dancing that man ends up climbing on whatever is in front of the stage, leaning into the audience, putting on as much as a show as he is physically able. Of course, if a few people get trodden on or crushed by bits of stage furniture it’s all in the spirit of things, right? On the plus side, the fact that there was a bigger stage than at the Cavern meant that I didn’t have to dive backwards to avoid being kicked in the face at any point!
When the show was over, way too soon, we hung around to attempt to meet the band members. Last time Aimee and I only managed to meet Pepe before her grandmother stormed in to take her home (long story) and Kim missed Jalle so we all had an aim here. (I’m not sure exactly who Ola met last time but we’ll assume she didn’t meet them all either!)
We did manage to meet all of the band who were all delightful. I mean Olli walked off when I tried to have my photo taken with him and then said I couldn’t have one, Jalle asked me if I was tired when I said hello to him, and Pepe struggled with my pen lid but I’m going to say that is down to me being a bit of a jinx! Joking aside, they were lovely gentlemen, all four of them, and it was great to get to see them.
My paintings based on the album cover art (not the one on the inside of the album
and the jackets).The band were kind enough to sign them for me – Hurrah! 

With Olli

With Jalle

With Pepe

With Hessu

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