CD Review – ‘Spirit’ by Reckless Love

Genre: Merry Metal (aka Glam Rock)


Reckless Love is one of my favourite bands. Their music is catchy, their shows high energy. They are pure good fun which is, after all, what they aim to be.

That said, I have had some issues listening to their new CD. It’s just not grabbed me. So, instead of reviewing generally as I normally do, I decided to approach things a little differently and do it song for song as I listen to the CD itself.
The beginning of this album is so exciting. ‘Jungle’ atmospheric sounds morph into the opening chords of the single Night on Fire which months of watching while waiting for this album has turned into one of my favourite songs. When the album first arrived, a day late even though I paid Amazon for release day delivery, and it made its way into my CD player I was caught, before the music started, just by those opening rhythms. Reckless Love is back.
The next song is Bad Lovin’ which is basically saying how love and its associated emotions effect everyone. (“It don’t matter if you’re straight, it don’t matter if you’re gay, don’t matter if you’re bi it will get you anyway”). When I read those lyrics in the booklet I had to say that I giggled just a bit. However, add in a really catchy tune, a fair few “whoa”s, “na na”s, and “yeah”s and it’s suddenly a wonderful track!
With a title like I Love Heavy Metal it’s no real surprise that the next track is a bit heavier with gruffer vocals and then a random harmonised chorus that… doesn’t really fit in with the theme. This song shouldn’t work but it does. By the end of this song you will have “I love heavy metal” chanting through your head no matter what your musical preference may be!
When a Reckless Love song is called Favourite Flavour you know it’s probably going to be interesting! This is a really good fun track with a wonderful instrumental part. I have a feeling this one will be good live.
The next song is something quite special. Edge of Our Dreams has a more mature sound with an inspirational tone to it. It does actually sound quite different to the rest of Reckless Love’s discography but without loosing anything that makes them special. This one might just be my favourite track on the album.

However, the award for best title of the album goes to Sex, Drugs & Reckless Love. This song’s the one where the band tell you that all you need for a good life is sex, drugs, and Reckless Love. Modest band this one. I think that this one’s probably going to be another great one live!
Dying to Live slows things down a little bit and, again, seems to be a more emotional piece. The guitar is more emotive, Olli seems to be acting as well as singing and it therefore makes for a powerful song. I’m not sure what I think of it right now but it’s one of those songs that will either become one of my favourites or be relegated to the never listened to realms.
Oh, hello, the guitar’s got heavy again and those drums are a lot faster, I’m sure. Metal Ass, strange as that title may be, is a wonderful song. Goodness, this allows everyone to show their talents off. I’ve also got to say a big wow about Pepe’s guitar playing in this piece because, wow.
Runaway Love is probably the strongest song lyrically on the album. As the title might suggest, this is a love song, Reckless Love style. That said, it’s probably the first song both written and recorded by them that I would consider a pure love song as opposed to a love and sex song. Anyone get the feeling that Olli wrote this for someone in particular? 
The next song, So Happy I Could Die is another single with a music video which was released just before the CD. If I’m brutally honest, I think there are better tracks on the CD which would make better single material (*). That said, this is catchy, growing on me each time I hear it, and probably sums up the Reckless Love Merry Metalhead ideology!
Hot Rain was a track that caught my attention the first time I listened to this album all the way through. It’s a slow, beautiful ballad with a melancholy tone. The lyrics might not be the most eloquent in the world but this actually makes the narrator seem all the more vulnerable.  It’s so different to what I have come to expect from this band and, although an album of this style would not be Reckless Love, this one song stands out for me and I love it.

I have a funny feeling that Die Hard might be a UK only track (but I’m too lazy to get my CD cover and check so I may be wrong). It’s a song about living life no matter what the world may say about your lifestyle (disclaimer: some lifestyle choices are not included in this statement eg. murder, cannibalism)

“I’ll stand up for freedom to be what I am”
-Die Hard
So, overall, what do I think? I think that this album is a big step up from their other albums. As opposed to containing a heck of a lot of songs about sex and women it contains songs about never giving in, being who you want to be, enjoying life, sex, and women. It’s still got the fun tone of the other albums, its still got the same style of music (with some development), and it’s still Reckless Love. It is, however, a Reckless Love who are developing as any good musicians should and therefore does stand out from their earlier work. As I mentioned, it’s been tricky to get into this album but when I do it may well end up being my favourite by the band.

(*)While finishing off this post (adding the videos etc) I listened to So Happy I Could Die a few more times and, erm, it’s getting addictive. I take back the negative comments!


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