CD Review – ‘Aurora’ by Rastaban

Genre: Tribal Folk

This is one of my Castlefest CDs, and you may recall that in my review post I complained that I just couldn’t enjoy this CD after seeing the band live. Well, my ‘gig hangover’ has passed and I am now not only listening to this disk but loving it.

I don’t really know where to start so I’ll do the easy and inconsequential bit: the cover (above). Isn’t it beautiful? In all fairness, it has a beautiful dancer, in silhouette, against a lovely coloured background (with little patterns and a dragon). Anyone who knows me at all will know that these are probably some of my favourite things and therefore that the cover was always going to appeal to me! Opening the CD up you have the credits and what is, most probably, the most heartfelt and profoundly written thanks that I have read in a CD. It all goes to show that Rastaban is a band formed from nice people as I had previously thought!

When you’ve got over the cover (could you ever get over the cover?) and put the CD into the player you’re greeted with the opening of Désert. It’s a slow, mystic opening that really builds atmosphere and, no matter how many times I listen to this CD, it’s really exciting! It then develops into a rhythmic piece of music. That seems to be the standard for their songs: each one is a rhythmic tune that makes you want to move yet has this slightly otherworldly atmosphere.

And atmosphere – that’s what really develops from track six onwards because track six is when the live songs start. I had explained how wonderful Rastaban were live, how engaged the audience became, and a fraction of this comes across on the live tracks. I realise that this actually sounds quite negative but in reality there is no way that any recording artist could capture the energy of a good live show and because Rastaban are such fantastic live performers it notices more. 

Another aspect worth a mention is the fact that I find it impossible to choose a single, or a few, favourite tracks off of this CD. As I type now I am listening to Aumgaia, and it’s becoming my current favourite. I’m sure that will change as the track changes!

Overall, this is a thoroughly enjoyable recording that would be wonderful as background noise yet stands up to being the centre of attention too and it’s vary rare that a piece of music steps up to both those roles!

To listen to a track from the CD, and for information on buying it, please see the post below from Rastaban’s facebook page.


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