Getting into the autumnal mood

Well, if you know me well then you’ll probably have noticed that I’ve been unnaturally down recently (and with good reason!). Today, however, I decided to pull my mood up through whatever means possible so had a morning of ‘cello playing, which felt like heaven, and am spending my evening painting.
I felt in the mood for autumnal colours (and really fancy a toffee apple, incidentally) so decided to pull some of them out of my ever growing paint collection and just see what happened.
Didn’t use the green in the end. Whoops.

The dangers of gold paint a.k.a. I think a small faerie’s
 been taking a bath in my water.

I don’t know how I managed to match the canvas colour
to that of my desk but it wasn’t my aim!
And let there be trees, a camera flash, and some really
awful orange coloured over-exposure.

See, I can’t take a photo of a painting to save my life. I guess I’ll have to wait until daylight and try again! Oh well. I’m pleased with the real thing!


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