Family cooking time!

The last couple of days have been family bonding time as we’ve been cooking at all hours. Well, lets be honest it’s been more like “get out of my kitchen while I do my bit” time but the fact is that we’ve all been cooking fairly non-stop.

So what’s this been in aid of? Darling father seemed to have volunteered himself for catering at one of the festivals, one that I’m not even going to, and therefore we’re all having to chip in. I’m not really complaining because I do adore cooking and, in all fairness, it’s a really interesting experience to cook such volumes of different stuff in a domestic kitchen.

So, this will be my dinner then. Yep, I’m eating straight out
 the slow cooker. Bye bye manners!
Different curries with different flavours and intensities, different types of rice, a heck of a lot of coconut… it’s been a good fun time. The gutting of several trout wasn’t such fun although I believe that my father had fun catching them. I haven’t seen them go into anything yet either so guessing we’re not going to see the back of them for a while.
Also going to use my father’s absence this weekend as an excuse to cook something without meat or heavy spice in it (seriously, everything he eats has to be meat based and hot as anything)… maybe spinach pie or something!

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