I did it!!

Only going to be a quick post as I don’t really have that much to say but, for those of you who are interested, I thought I should say that today was the day of The Singing Lesson.
So, from the title, you can probably guess that I didn’t chicken out last minute. Even better, my ear managed to clear up this morning meaning that for the first time in over a week I could hear through my right ear. Seriously, I didn’t need inability to hear myself to make things any worse.
As for the lesson itself, it went well. The teacher seems to think that I’m not all bad which is a good thing, of course, but it’s probably going to be some time before I can have any real confidence in myself and believe that. The really positive thing for me was that I could hear myself improving, albeit in a minor fashion, so that says that I’ve not got a totally negative warped view of my voice, at least.
It’s going to take a while to get anywhere, I know, but I feel ready to really stick at it. I also feel that this teacher might just be the right one for me as she seems to be dedicated to enabling her students and that’s exactly what I need. I’m determined to get over my fears and learn to sing, to be able to sing along with people, to do the thing I love without fear and embarrassment. I only regret leaving it so long.
And, I’ll leave you with the song that I ultimately chose to sing today. You’ll remember that I was having a hard job deciding which piece to pick… well, I did it on impulse at five a.m. today!

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