Because life wouldn’t be life without a little chaos

Yesterday, I slept in late because I was ill. Eventually, I got woken by the doorbell and, upon answering it, found two Jehovah’s Witnesses. This was bad for two reasons
  1. They woke me up
  2. I was too ill to actually have a theological discussion. 
Yes, I am one of those strange people who loves talking to religious ‘cold callers’ because religion, well faith, is such a magical thing. Don’t get me started on organised religion, however… or any organisation, for that matter.
Sadly, once I was up, I was up.
Of course, things got ‘worse’ from there with an email from my singing teacher talking about my first lesson which should be on Monday, tomorrow. Eheh, it’s been slid back a week because someone has no voice and no working ears either.
That said, I can’t get away from the fact that I am going to have to sing in front of her. As I expected, she has asked me to bring something along to sing either with a CD, accompanied, or unaccompanied. My mother was very logical about this: “Just take a song that you really enjoy singing to when you’re singing alone”. Shame is, those songs I enjoy singing to tend to be the most technically difficult and I point blank refuse to kill this poor woman’s ears with my rendition of “Der Hölle Rache” even if it’s darn fun to sing along to! If anyone has any suggestions for what I could sing then please set them forward now!
For those of you who don’t know “Der Hölle Rache” – you’ll recognise 
it for sure. And no, my rendition is not half as good as this 😉
Of course, things couldn’t stop there because we then found out that my father, who was meant to be staying with friends, was staying in a hotel that night. Of course, we didn’t find this out from him and he maintained that he was staying at a friend’s. As you can imagine, the mother is furious and I really don’t envy him when he gets in today. In fact, I don’t envy me either because I’m in the same house! Anyone got a bomb shelter I could borrow?
On the plus side, my replacement Sims 2 disk arrived yesterday so (mwahahaha) I can control their lives even if my own is a little bit out of control!

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