Too much life, not enough time!

Well, things seem to be progressing at an extraordinary rate right now and it feels like I have simply too much to do in the time I have. That said, when asked, I also don’t have any real plans for the next year so I’m not quite sure how that’s working out!
First thing to mention is that I have internet once more. I must admit that I grew to like the freedom that lack of internet gave me as I tended to be a bit of a workaholic as the computer doubles as my office more often than not. That also meant, of course, that I was always talking to friends online which isn’t a bad thing. However, the reactions of a couple of these people regarding my absence was interesting and, lets just say, I don’t think we’ll be talking much any more. It’s interesting how some people seem to view it as though it’s your duty to speak to them every day and if you can’t then it’s a personal insult. Anyway, the point is that I am back around and am contactable.
Oh, talking of contacting me and me contacting friends, I have now found a post office within walking distance. Of course, it being a bank holiday I can’t actually post the (very late) letters that I have to send but they can get on their way pretty soon.
Another recent development is that I have now booked singing lessons (cringe). I mentioned in a previous post that, despite loving singing, I have quite the little phobia of it so this is a really big thing for me. I’ve not yet taken the first lesson but will do so quite soon. It’s exciting and something I really want to do even if it is going to push me quite a lot as a person. That said, I managed to sing a couple of lines on stage for my exam piece so I am definitely making progress already.
Other than that, life is very much based around working with the house refurbishments, music, and art.
My photos finally came through of the festival so I am a very busy person painting and sticking to fill my 100 page scrap-book. Of course, despite being expensive and time consuming, I feel that this hobby is completely worthwhile!
Over 200 photos, several ‘bits’ collected from the trip, a lot of paint, and
a daunting amount of work to do…. My idea of fun!
I am also painting a lot and crafting a bit too. Hopefully I’ll manage to have a stall at a couple of fairs next year and I’m toying with the idea of an Etsy shop. I’m also doing very limited commission work again which I must admit always scares me because if someone buys something that’s finished then they like it. If they buy something that’s not real yet and then it’s not good enough it would be really embarrassing. Can’t say that’s ever happened but I’d die if it did! 
So, in short, I’m busy as anything yet am doing nothing at all really!

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