Introducing Nené

I’ve not written about this one in the blog so far because we’ve not seen each other in far too long. That doesn’t mean that she doesn’t deserve her own post, or that she’s not a special munchkin so here we go.
Meet Helena, or, as I like to call her Nené.
It looks sweet but I think I was attacking her at the time!
Nené and I met though the wondrous musical that is Elisabeth. I believe she started my (rather undeserved!) fanclub after emailing me on DeviantArt asking if I was that Havanah. We met in person a short while after when her mother employed me as a birthday present. I think that was a special day for the two of us.
Helena was one of the first people who I met because we had things in common and we became fast friends because of those similarities as opposed to becoming friends because we had no other choice. This was exceptionally special for me. I don’t know how long it is since we met, although I’m sure she’ll remind me when she reads this, but our friendship has gone from strength to strength. She also has introduced me to a group of people Aleks, ‘Tascha and Nicky, who are also good friends of mine, but that’s a completely different story!
She is one of the few people I can rant at for as long as I want about the things that interest me and, more often than not, she shares these interests. Even if not, she has time to listen and she cares what I have to say. Not only this, but she cares about everyone around her. I have never known anyone be so kind and give so much of her time to her friends. She is a good person. She puts everyone ahead of herself and, while this causes me no end of worry on her behalf, this selflessness makes her stand out as special.
She doesn’t just listen to me ramble on but actively
encourages it by leaving screenshots like this on my facebook!
Did I mention that she’s also a little bit bonkers? She wrote a poem, to be performed to the tune of a song from Cats, detailing all my nicknames and I’m determined to get it recorded on video one of these days. Actually, she’s also responsible for most of my nicknames… and that list seems to be growing by the day! Seriously, Alpha, Mutti, Hamster-Queen, they are all names for me courtesy of Nené! The worrying thing is that I answer to them all!
Every time that we have met chaos has ensued. From her attempting to stalk me at a showing of Spamalot, only to find out that I had been at the matinee, to getting caught up in the gay pride parade, I know that every meeting I have with this girl will be fun, crazy, and worth it. 
Helena is most certainly one of the most special friends I have. She is someone who I can contact for a laugh or for a serious chat. She’s there for you whenever you need her yet is able to have immense fun too. She’s the definition of a good friend by her very nature and an exceptionally special girl.
Connor, me, and Nené standing on a tall bit of ruin, trying not to fall off!

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