The Day

This introduction is written when I know my grades and on results day, the rest, as you will see, was written some time in advance. This was written as a bit of a self righteous rant. I saw my friends consumed with worry and I am talking about friends who were likely to achieve and those less likely to do so, and I saw friends pushing themselves beyond where they should have pushed themselves and beyond the point of happiness. As it was, I stayed really relaxed about results, even when getting them, even if I was totally unsure about what my grades were. It’s unusual for me not to get nervous about these things but I think that, as a person, I am probably in a better place than I have been in previous years and am certainly happier for it.

Now I will catapult you back to the past….


By the time this posts I will know what my A level results are, I will know if I have got into university, I will know the basic path of the next six years of my life. No pressure then. As I write this I know none of that.

I wrote this blog post back in July because I don’t like telling people, generally, my results and if I was to write this when I myself knew the tone of my writing would give it away, no doubt. If you’re a friend of mine then you’re more than welcome to ask me about my results… I’ll possibly tell you!
Results have been playing on my mind a bit. I’m quite good at focusing myself so I’ve managed to put them out of my conscious thought but not completely out of mind. I guess their too important for that. I had a horrific dream in which I got my results early only to find out that I got an ‘S’ grade in Classics history and ‘G’s in everything else. I was franticly doing the maths to see if that was good enough to get me into my university of choice when I woke up. I’m going to guess it wouldn’t have been!
Everyone thinks that I float through exams, grades throw themselves at me, insert similar statements here. If one more person tells me that I shouldn’t worry about exams because they’re easy for me and of course I’ll do well I think I’m going to scream! There seems to be this idea that if you have consistently performed well you do so because you’re abnormally clever and you therefore have no right to be concerned about the results at all. Everyone who wants to get somewhere in the education world is going to be concerned about their results as they are the most obvious stepping stone to the next stages. Of course they are not the only way but at this point they seem to be the be all and end all.
In all honesty, I get good grades (usually) because I work really, really hard. I started consistent revision for the summer exams in December. I do every bit of work set and catch up on work that I miss. If I didn’t do this then I wouldn’t get the grades I do. I can do all this and still do badly. I’m human. However, isn’t it worse for me to fail, having got good grades previously, everyone saying that it’s easy for me, having done all this work than for someone who does a day of revision and then moans about always doing badly?
That said, I know a couple of people who work harder than I do, who are truly inspirational in the amount of dedication they show who simply fluke their exams. I know people who get better grades than me, for sure, and who work hard to get them too. The pressure is there for everyone…. it’s important to us all.
The point of this being… if someone did their best then don’t undermine that. If they get good grades then don’t congratulate them in a way that says that they just did it naturally and if they get ‘bad’ grades then remember that, through working, their grades are worth just as much in ‘real life’ as a good grade. If you did your best then you have passed with flying colours. I would rather get an ‘E’ and have worked hard to get it than get an ‘A*’ on a fluke….
A*s would be nice though….

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