Castlefest round up, ‘new’ house, and lack of internet

Tuesday, I returned from Castlefest to a house that is not suitable for human habitation. You’ll excuse me if I’m a little down about that. However, being someone who is generally optimistic, after an initial cry, I am looking forward to the future and am confident that I will get it sorted and will manage to regain some kind of normal life. While we’re on that note, I currently have no internet at home and therefore will only be able to access ‘things’ on my mobile or if I go to an internet café. Incidentally, I also have no mobile phone pick up at home.

I do plan on tweeting as often as normal as this is done from my phone, and will use internet tethering to blog. Sky will be round on the 23rd to set us up for real internet and, until then, my internet presence will probably be limited to twitter, blogging, and maybe facebook messaging.
Anyway, back to the interesting bit, Castlefest. What a wonderful, wonderful time I have had at this festival. Wild horses will not be able to stop me from returning next year. There were some wonderful bands and some wonderful people. I’ll probably do some proper write-up of the individual things once I have facility to upload photos and not just test but until then special thanks go to:

Cesair for putting on some of the most singularly amazing shows I have seen. You should also buy their new CD because it is beautiful in sound and in appearance.
Faun for making my dream of seeing you live come true and for being as awesome as I had hoped.
Folk Noir (and Matt Howden) for putting on a wonderful performance, and for being utterly lovely people, chatting with me for quite a while after the show.
Zirp for getting everyone dancing!
The peoplewho attended for dressing up, being friendly, and generally making the whole thing atmospheric.
The volunteers. In particular those on traffic control at the campsite who spent each night with my mother and I while we waited for her taxi. Their kindness, good conversation, hugs, and pine mead was greatly appreciated.

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