On my way home again…

So, I’m guessing, that right now I am rather melancholy. I hate coming home after being away. I guess I am meant to be a traveller.
However, if you read my review of “Vox” then you will know that I have a thing for boats. I adore ships so much because a lot of my childhood dreams focused around, admittedly flying, ships. You can imagine that there is one bit of the trip, therefore, that I adore. Yes, a ferry is a bit tame (although my mother still gets sea sick), but I can still stand on the deck and watch the ocean go past even if I can’t feel the rocking. It’s pure magic… until I get earache.
The last time I went on a ferry was a few years back, 2009ish, on a school trip to France and Belgium for history. Aimee and I went on deck and had a great fun time. It was a great trip and Aimee’s first time abroad. Reliving this is going to be extra special for me.
Something else that will make this trip extra special is that it is my first night-time ferry ride. I don’t like night travel normally because everyone sleeps and I feel awkward and unable to read or chat or draw or the normal things I like to do. However, I can’t wait to see the lights in the sea, watch the stars go by.
Knowing my luck it’ll be raining.

On board “The Pride of Burgundy”.
Aimee is far right, Muggins is behind the camera as usual.


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