Even if I didn’t like Zirp, with a name like this I would have to write about them. They are a four piece which gives hurdy-gurdy quite a prominent role (hurrah!). Actually, Stephan Groth of Faun and Folk Noir is their hurdy-gurdy player… he’s going to be knackered by the time he gets to this set!

On their website they say that they “combine folk, rock, and pop with traditional dance music” and then say that their music (presumably!) is “extremely varied, harmonious and absolutely intoxicating”. That about sums up what makes their music enjoyable. Their sound is unusual yet reminiscent of ‘normal’ folk music which means that it retains the power of that music.

I am only going to post one video here as I can’t find any of very high quality. However, if you go onto their website (in German only), go over to the far right then there is a music player underneath the album cover with a grasshopper. 

Zirp also have a facebook page which is where the lovely picture above is from. It’s also basically in German. If anyone wants/needs and translations of their websites etc then comment here or contact me elsewhere and I’ll do it.

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