Omnia is a band that I have some problems with. In some ways I love them and then in some ways they make me a bit annoyed. That’s not their problem and, in a sense, I think it’s probably what they aim at with their music in so much as they want a response.
 I’ll get my negatives out of the way now so that I can focus on the (great) positives for the rest of the post.  I disagree with some of the views they hold and some of the ways they put them across. This isn’t the end of the world because we’re all entitled to our own views and it’s not the end of the world.
So, lets move on to their praises now, right?

By the time you are reading this I should have seen the band once already but this is their show on the main stage so this is why their little promo comes now.
Omnia’s music is something quite special. Although it’s not really possible to put them into a genre as they play such a wide range of stuff their music is always incredibly powerful and engaging. It calls to some innate spirit within and that’s something very special. This song, is one of my favourites for doing this. It’s magical.

Something else that’s worth a mention with Omnia is the way in which they say what they think and that they have opinions that they are not afraid to express. Yes, I know that this is exactly what I moaned about above but I think that if anyone puts forward strong opinions then there are going to be clashes with others. This song is one that I am conflicted about. I am not comfortable with the “Pope of Paganism” declaration, although within the context it makes sense and works. I don’t do drugs and don’t find myself a worse person for it. I also quite like the monarchy, live with it. All the same I like a lot of the views put across and I like the fact they have views.

One thing that I really love about Omnia is that I don’t think they are manufactured. They certainly make a big deal about this. Who can say if they are or not, but all I know is that when little songs like this come out then it makes me feel that they are certainly living the life they preach. Even if I might have my differences with their opinions I cannot help but admire them for being the way they are.

If you like Omnia then you can visit their website by clicking here. You can also read their, more or less, daily blogs on their facebook, which is where I nabbed the photo above from too.

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