Folk Noir and Sieben


Folk Noir is a project of Oliver S. Tyr of Faun (remember that band from Friday?) and Kaat Geevers from L.E.A.F, who are also fantastic but not playing Castlefest (boo!). They are joined by Stephan Groth, who is also in Faun now, and by Alex Schulz and play a kind of thoughtful, nostalgic folk music. Oh, did I mention that they sing in English too? 

I’ve not managed to get hold of their CD yet, which is rather annoying, so I’m relying on youtube. I detest buying CDs from abroad because of bank charges and shipping but I might have to cave on this one if I can’t find any other way of buying it.
Anyway, they have a relatively new music video. This is not my favourite song that I have heard them play yet I could rant on about how much I enjoy it for quite some time. I think that says something! What makes me like this one? Other than the fact it has really romantic lyrics which would sell anything to me, the train sound rhythm is something that really stands out. It’s unusual and really quite a fun idea without detracting from the song itself. The simplicity of the video itself is exceptionally effective too.

I’ll only put one other video from Folk Noir before moving onto Sieben. This one is probably my favourite recordings of theirs. The way in which Kaat and Oliver’s voices harmonise and interact is stunning and rather haunting. The song starts about twenty seconds in and is truly… well…. wow.

Folk Noir are playing with Sieben as they have before. I can’t say that I know Sieben but from some googling it seems that he is a gentleman by the name of Matt Howden who plays violin, sings and does some clever technical stuff. According to the ever reliable (yes, sarcasm) Wikipedia, he is also British and from Sheffield which is where my father’s side is from. Ooh, maybe I should look into him a bit more hehe.

From what I have heard of his solo work, I like the music but really don’t know what to categorise it as in my head. It’s enjoyable but in a strange way. I can’t help but appreciate the use of the violin too, as a string player myself. There’s some talented, technical, but unusual playing going on.

This music video is from 2010, so it’s a bit older than those by Folk Noir above. By the way, if you’re a Doctor Who fan you might not want to watch this clip… too many statues… you have been warned!

If you’re interested in Folk Noir then you can visit their website, facebook (which is where I kidnapped the picture from), or youtube. I’ve only found Sieben’s website so far but oh well!


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