Cesair are playing a couple of times at Castlefest, hurrah!
Cesair is a bit like Rastaban for me in so much as I have not had great experience with them and yet I have fallen quite completely in love with what I have heard. Youtube is an exceptional aide to me sometimes!
This Castlefest is going to be a significant one for Cesair for a couple of reasons. Firstly, their CD is on sale as of the 2nd of August. This promises to be a truly wonderful CD and will, apparently, be on sale at the festival so I know what I’m going to be coming back with. Cesair have been releasing teasers for the CD on their facebook and on their website. I am excited.
They are also going to be playing a set with an orchestra and choir; this is the set that should be occuring when this post finds its way online. This is also really, really exciting for me, and, from what I have gathered, for them too. It’s rather a one-off event and one that I am exceptionally pleased that I have the chance to experience.
So, now to the important bit.

The above is my personal favourite recording of theirs. I feel that it shows off their exceptional musical skill as well as their on stage energy which looks to be something quite special. Cannot wait to see them live. This was also the video that I showed to Aimee when going through a bit of a ‘band introduction session’ and we both came to the conclusion that if you’re not won over by the first thirty seconds you’re musically emotionless (and that it just keeps getting better from then on!)

I could find a lot of other recordings featuring the band but this is one that is on their website (so it counts, okay!) of their violin player, Sophie. Now, as a string person myself I’m always going to have a soft spot for fellow string players, especially when their playing is of this quality, but it would be plain criminal if I didn’t feature her when she also plays ‘cello.

Cesair’s website can be found here, if you’d like to find out more (the picture above came from there). I would also recommend having a look at their facebook which is updated regularly


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