Castlefest Opening Concert (preview)

 As with all recent posts, I wrote this a few days ago with scheduling to post today.

So today is the opening concert of Castlefest. All things being well I will have set up my tent and will be listening to some amazing music from Pater Moeskroen, Rapalje, and Scrum as we speak!

Pater Moeskroen

This song translates to “Whiskey is the Devil”. Doesn’t stop them from drinking it though!
Pater Moeskroen produces some darn good fun music, which is thoroughly enjoyable.
The band themselves are a six piece who have, according to their website, and my Dutch, eighteen albums and five DVDs to their name so far. Although I haven’t followed this group I have listened to their videos on youtube and am very excited to see them live.


They look like they’re enjoying this so much that it’s contagious!

Now this is a band that I have listened to a fair bit, and own a few CDs by. The first time I saw a video of them performing live, with Aimee, we spent a fair time deciding if they were actually drunk up simply pretending. We weren’t convinced that anyone could play that well drunk…. Or sober. In short, we were impressed.
This is the band I’m most excited to see tonight!
The original video that Aimee and I watched some time ago.


Well, I couldn’t leave the alcohol theme just yet could I?
Scrum are another fast paced, enjoyable band. It seems that this evening has been constructed to get people ready for the weekend! Mind you, with them playing at quarter to eleven, p.m., I wonder how anyone will get any sleep.
I’m pleased that they’re playing actually because they are a band that sings in English. By this time of night my Dutch understanding will be dead so it’s nice to have an ‘easy’ language to wind up with!
With this theme in all the music it will be a miracle if anyone 
wakes up without a hangover tomorrow!

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