I am speaking to you from the past…

So, hopefully, when this blog post, well, posts I will be on the bus to Amsterdam. I say hopefully because I don’t trust my blog to work properly, not because I want to be on the bus. My previous experience with Megabus has not been good and, as I type, about a week ago, I am dreading it.
Oh, I am loving playing with tenses in this post. Okay, I’ll speak in normal English from now on.
So, as you’ve probably guessed, if you’ve been reading my blog or speaking to me recently, I am currently on my way to Castlefest in Lisse, the Netherlands. This is a festival that I have wanted to go to for some time now and I am really excited to get the chance to go this year. I am going with Aimee, the best friend and Annoying One, and my mother who I invited to join us because it’s her fault I’m the way I am and like this kind of stuff.
Although I plan on blogging when I come back, and also posting a lot of photos on Facebook, I have also scheduled posts relating to the festival, to my journey, etc. to appear during my absence. I will not be logging onto the internet after tomorrow night (if I log in tomorrow night) and will not answer my phone or texts until I am back in England, next Tuesday, but will probably read texts if you really need to contact me. 

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