I didn’t want to sleep tonight anyway.

I’m going to the Netherlands today. I didn’t plan on saying this because I planned on being in bed. I planned on posting a blog talking about how I was setting off tomorrow but the fact is that it’s now after midnight and therefore I cannot do that.

So, I mentioned that it’s after midnight but do you think we’re ready?

Of course, the answer is a resounding no. As I glance around the Travelodge room I see chaos. Pure chaos. Piles of clothes, piles of bunting, food that I can’t eat even though I’m hungry, oh and my mother hurriedly trying to finish a report for the court that we have to format and send tonight before we can even think about condensing this mess into a case and a rucksack. On the plus side, now that we’re getting a taxi and not a tram, a subway, and two trains (and then a walk) to get to the hotel my mother has decided to take a bigger case which means that muggins isn’t having to lug quite as much in her rucksack…. when she packs the rucksack.

This isn’t even half the room and that case needs to be unpacked before we
can even think about packing it for the trip. No wonder my teddy is hiding!

It’s also amusing how much my mother and I manage to pack between us. I mean, yes, there is a tent and the associated paraphernalia this time but I can honestly say that about 50% of the things we have ready to pack are toiletries. These are not toiletries in the feminine make-up and hairspray ways, oh no. This is a survival pack for in case we somehow get lost and stuck in the North Pole for six months without a penguin for company (think about it… there wouldn’t be one!). Neither of us seem to be able to pack to go away without taking a full medicine chest. My mother even takes dental kits…
All this said, it simply wouldn’t be a holiday without all this. Every time we go away we plan to go to sleep early with everything sorted. Every time my mother is franticly trying to finish some work as I rush around trying to get things in some kind of order so that we can pack once she’s finished (usually at about 2 a.m.). Often this means that we don’t actually go to sleep the night before a trip. It’s part of the tradition now.

Anyway, I don’t think I could sleep even if everything was done… I’m simply too excited!


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