Four days to go!!!!

Please, don’t expect anything remotely coherent from this post. I’m getting really excited. The problem is, when I’m excited I need some way to channel that excitement and I’ve done everything. 
For those of you who are a little confused about what I’m going on about: On Tuesday I will be on my way to the Netherlands for my little adventure.
Of course, there’s always stuff left to do. I’m going shopping with my mother tomorrow to get her some new clothes and I can’t even think about packing until I go up to Birmingham as my rucksack, and camping gear, is all up there. I also could do with buying myself a new hand fan or three as I broke my old one the other day.
That said, none of that can be done until tomorrow, or Sunday, or even, goodness me, Monday. Tuesday I plan to sleep in to make up for the fact that I won’t be sleeping on that darned bus Tuesday night but that’s another story.
Anyway, the point of this post is that you should not leave me to my own devices when excited. I tend to find things to occupy myself. Yes, writing boring blog posts full of self importance is one of those things. However, I also tend to put this energy into more creative channels like this:
I simply had to decorate the lock because the old one
 just wouldn’t go with my banner. Note sarcasm.

I’ve also started to write emails to Aimee quite often, and she is actually replying, and with excitement. I think we’re winding each other up.

So, I’ll go now because I can’t imagine reading my hyperactive excited rant was high on your plans for the evening.

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