Making a tent into a home

Okay, my tent has florescent orange guy-lines;
it couldn’t be accused of being boring
As I’ve said previously, I have a new tent to take with me to Castlefest, my old tent being lost in The Flood. I’ve had a couple of attempts at putting it up and I’m quite pleased with it. It’s cosy. That said, it’s not me and, as a creative person, I have to turn it into my own!
So, it made perfect sense, for me, to make some bunting, and a flag to make it mine. Of course, I’m not ever content with doing things the easy way, I mean, have you ever hand stitched seven metres of bunting? Yep, I don’t own a sewing machine… or an embroidery loop for that matter. Today, I decided, would be the day I finished my sewing, come hell or high water, so here it is!

This photo was taken on the second day of bunting making.
It was chaos by the end!

As I said, we have seven metres of bunting, all hand sewn, with bad hemming and metallic thread. The metallic thread makes up for the shoddy hems in my mind.
The original ‘butterfly girl’ with a delightful reflection from the camera flash.
It’s the flag that I’m really pleased with. This is based on a painting of mine that I did a few years ago as I couldn’t really think of what to do. My mother, and her friend, is convinced that it’s going to get nicked but I guess I’ll have to take that risk. Anyway, I think butterfly girl would curse any thieves hehe (*)

This was harder to get a decent photograph of than it was to make!

This was my first attempt at anything like this so I’m pretty pleased with the outcome. Let me tell you, hemming the material for the girl was pure hell on earth. I’m also really happy to transfer the design from my painting, the painting being one of my complete favourites.
Annoyingly, I can’t work out how to decorate the inside of the tent, other than getting my acrylic paints out, and I don’t think that’ll go down well with my father, so I’ll have to work with a dull inside. Oh well!
(*) the original painting was based on my own silhouette, with some tweaks to the nose because I’m not keen on my nose shape, so I think I’m more than qualified to guess what she’d do!

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