"You need to write a list"

If I had a pound for every time my mother said this to me then I would be a very rich woman.
During exam revision mother would constantly say that I needed to write a list of the things I still needed to revise. The fact that I had made a revision timetable back in January was beside the point. It wasn’t in list form.
So you can guess my horror when today I suggested that I needed to write a list. I think I’m turning into my mother who, darling as she is, does have a minor list obsession.
The problem is, I am good enough at procrastinating on my own and I don’t need the help of lists. Heck I am procrastinating writing the list by writing this blog about writing the list. On the plus side, since I am a nomad at the moment, I can probably classify the list as necessary for me to be able to get things organised in time for The Festival at the end of the month.
Of course, me being me, packing is the least of my worries. I’m busy thinking about embroidery and scrap-booking and the like. My red and purple bunting is finished now and I just have the same length of green and cream bunting to do. The flag is nearly finished and I just need to sew on one bead because it fell off and finish embroidering about an inch.
As for the scrap-book, I need to make some paper to take with me because I am not taking the scrap-book itself for all the tea in China. Actually, I adore tea so that might be an incentive… 
The long and short of this post being that I am not going to be online much at the moment as I have a tonne to do. Of course, that could mean that I’ll be online all the time because we’ve already ascertained that I’m a major procrastinator!
Oh, and I’m meant to be learning Dtuch. Yeah.

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