The Impending Move

Well, I guess I knew that it was going to come up eventually. Mother was booking our hotel rooms for the week and basically said how it wasn’t affordable and we were going to have to move to Birmingham soon.
For those of you who don’t know, I have been living in cheap hotels (which aren’t actually cheap at all) since January as my family and I had to move out of our house of six years due to flooding and a moody landlord who decided he didn’t want us to stay after the floods. Long story. My father moved to the house that we own in Birmingham. We hadn’t managed to sell it because of the market crash and also due to a builder doing work on it, basically trash it, and then disappear, presumed dead. Yep, my life does reallysound like a soap opera.
It looks like it’s my turn to move to the house in Birmingham and I really do not want to. Not only is it still a construction site but I am leaving everything I know and love. Yes, my friends are moving away to go to university but Exeter still remains my home. I know where the good places are, I know where the not so safe places are, I know where to go to get a really good cup of coffee.

I guess a move is difficult at the best of times but when it’s not something that you actually want then it’s exceptionally difficult.  However, I’m a big believer that a person can be happy in almost any situation as long as they keep the right frame of mind and I know that this is an exceptionally minor thing compared to things that other people go through and compared to things that I have experienced. Sure, I can’t change the physical – the move will happen – but I am in control of my life, my happiness, my future. Let’s see how life develops!

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